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Traditional Country Music, Bluegrass, Western Music, Cowboy Poetry, And More

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Daily Programs (Mon-Fri)
Time Show Host(s)
6:15 AM "The Daily Dose"
Daily Uplifting, Inspirational Messages
Mitch Anthony
6:30 AM "The Old Farmers Almanac"
American tradition since 1792 treating you to helpful hints, practical tips and useful advice
Dan Holiday
7:30 AM & PM "The American Storyteller Radio Journal"
Nelson Lauver’s Exceptional Storytelling Ability Bringing You Narrations From His Life Experiences Of Family, Friends, Heroes, And Amazing People He Meets Along The Way
Nelson Lauver
8:30 AM “Check-up on Health”
Features Exclusive Interviews of top Medical Experts Covering Compelling Health Topics.
Chris Witting
9:15 AM "Today’s Key To Confident Living"
Daily Uplifting, Inspirational Messages
Bill Hossler
10:15 AM "Chronicles of the Old West"
Highlights Historical Characters and Unique Stories Created for Old West Enthusiasts.
Dakota Livesay
11:30 AM
"Baxter Black On Mondays"
Weekly Words Of Wisdom "Zany And Comical Observations On Everyday Life"
Baxter Black
1:15 PM “Tips For Today’s Homeowners” Danny Lipford
2:00 PM "Early Roots Of Country Music"
Selections From KRRM’s Vast Inventory Of Music
3:30 PM “Success Journal”
Surprising Little-Known Stories of the People Behind Today’s Hot Companies.
Chris Witting
8:00 PM "Early Roots Of Country Music"
Selections From KRRM’s Vast Inventory Of Music
9:00 PM "When Radio Was"
Original Broadcasts From The Golden Age Of Radio
Greg Bell
10:00 PM To 6:00 AM "Coast To Coast AM"

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