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Alex Bauer

Production Assistant / Announcer
Saturday (6am-10am)

I was born and raised in the Eugene/Springfield area. When high school and college came around, I made my way up to Washington in Spangle (Upper Columbia Academy), and College Place (Walla Walla University). Once I got to college, I applied for the on-campus radio station. Friends, family, and total strangers had often told me I had a voice (and probably a face) for radio, so I wanted to give it a shot. Long story short, I didn't make it in (But feel free to ask. It's a funny story in hindsight).

Anyway, after I graduated with a degree in Communications, I moved to Glendale and joined the Top Hat Theatre Company for a few years. I learned about KLDR and KAJO through a friend of mine and even had it recommended to me at Grocery Outlet while I was out job hunting. After my previous radio experience I was a little nervous to try it again, but man a' livin' I'm glad I walked through those front doors! I absolutely loved the environment and the people working there. I felt like this was where God wanted me to be. Over the course of time I gained a niece and nephew, met my wonderful girlfriend who happened to by right next door to me the whole time, and have gotten to know so many wonderful people here in the community!

It has been my absolute pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful team! Thank you all for bearing with me on KAJO, KLDR, and KRRM! It has been a hoot and a half and I'm looking forward to the coming years!

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